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NSW Compulsory, Elective & Business Skills CPD 2022/23 - Online

Class 1 Compulsory, Elective & Business CPD – 9 hours

Please Note: If you are a Certificate of Registration holder - Please do not purchase this course.

As a Class 1 Licence holder you are required to complete 3 hours of compulsory, 3 hours of elective and 3 hours of business CPD each year. This course satisfies your 9 hour CPD requirement for the CPD year 23rd March, 2022 – 22nd March, 2023.

The Compulsory CPD includes three topics (1 hour each) that are set by NSW Fair Trading.

The three units for this CPD year are:

  • Topic 1B - Supervision Obligations
  • Topic 1D - Industry Contracts
  • Topic 2A - Underquoting

 Elective Topics: Vendor Management, Sales & PM Commissions & Fee Options, Building a Compliant PM File & Natural Disasters.

Business Skills Topic: Strategic Business Planning

This course meets all of the requirements as set down by NSW Fair Trading for the completion of your Compulsory, Elective & Business Continual Professional Development (CPD) under the new legislation requirements.

All students will be required to complete an assessment and upon successful completion will be issued with a certificate of satisfactory completion.

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