In-house CPD Training


Let our trainers come to you. Think Real Estate’s in-house CPD Training Program offers convenience, flexibility and assurance that your Class 1 and Class 2 Licence holders satisfy their compliance obligations.


If you have 6 or more staff members we will come to your office or chosen venue at a time that suits you. 


Approved by NSW Fair Trading, our CPD workshops are delivered by some of the most experienced in the industry!


The mandatory topics delivered by our team for the CPD calendar year - 2022-2023 as set by NSW Fair Trading are:


  • Topic 1B - Supervision Guidelines & Rules of Conduct (1 hour)
  • Topic 1D - Industry Contracts (1 hour)
  • Topic 2A - Underquoting (1 hour)


And remember! Completion of your CPD with our team also provides you with membership benefits. You will have daily access (via phone or email) to our pool of industry experts for career guidance and support. This access is valid for a period of 12 months and is an invaluable resource!


For further information or to discuss the individual needs of your agency, contact our highly trained team on 1300 660 402.