Real Estate Licence Course NSW


This exciting program has been specifically designed for current NSW Certificate of Registration holders, looking to build their personal brand and take their career to the next level by working towards the Real Estate Licence qualification – CPP41419 Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice.


Whilst you can start this course at anytime, to meet the minimum CPD requirements for Assistant Agents (being 3 units of the Licensing Course before 22nd March, 2021) you will need to have 12 months industry experience and fully complete the qualification before you can apply to NSW Fair Trading and become a Class 2 Licence holder.


Prior to your enrolment, our experienced assessors will ascertain your current level of industry knowledge and experience, via a Recognition of Prior Learning process (RPL) interview. Conveniently conducted in your office or via phone, this will enable our team to identify your existing competencies and deliver a course quote and training program specifically tailored to your needs. WE ONLY WANT TO TEACH YOU WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW, NOT WHAT YOU ALREADY DO!


We understand the difficulty of combining work and study and offer the most flexible methods of study in the business including workshops, correspondence, online learning or even a combination of all three.


The time and cost to complete the course will depend upon your individual needs, so contact us today by selecting one of the options below to obtain a personalised quote and start the ball rolling. Please note that payment plans are available and designed to make paying for your course a little easier!


EVEN BETTER! If you are aged between 45-70 years, we have access to Government Funding that could reduce the cost of this course by 50%. CALL NOW TO FIND OUT HOW!


The minimum expected time for completion is approximately 3 months and the maximum course completion time allowed from enrolment is 18 months. (Note course completion times may vary depending on many factors such as workshop tutorial attendance, the amount of time set aside for self-paced study or your current level of knowledge and skills and the amount of RPL granted). Please see the Participant Handbook for further details.


For further information about all course options download our Full Course Information Booklet and Course Outline below or to speak to one of our highly trained team call 1300 660 402. Please ensure that you understand your rights and responsibilities as a student, by reading the Participant Handbook prior to enrolment.


Please note: The qualification CPP41419 - Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice supersedes the qualification CPP40307 Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate) on 30th September, 2021. Click here for further information.


*Contact our office for full details.


Real Estate Licence Course Workshop NSW GET A PERSONALISED QUOTE TUTORIAL WORKSHOP - Full Course Cost $2,950.00
NSW Real Estate Licence Course by Correspondence ONLINE COURSE - COMING SOON!Start working towards your qualification immediately - Full Course Cost $1500.00
Intensive Real Estate Licence Course NSW INTENSIVE COURSE - COMING SOON!Full Course Cost $3,250.00

NSW Real Estate Licence Course Assessment

Regardless of your chosen method of study you will need to complete the required activities and assessments.


Our assessments are designed to substantiate your ability to apply acquired skill and knowledge to the workplace and may include a combination of the following:


Short answer questions * Research activities * Group activities * Role plays * Projects and case studies


Upon successful completion, your Statement of Attainment will be sent to you within 30 days of the program completion and this is the evidence you will need to provide to your new employer to show you have met the educational requirements.



NSW Fair Trading issue all Certificates of Registration and Real Estate Licences. Application forms can be downloaded from their website. Participants should note that even though they have met the educational requirements, that they must meet other requirements of NSW Fair Trading as to residency and character before a Certificate or Licence is issued.



Think Real Estate offers an unmatched student support program, in fact, our students rave about it. Remember we are just a phone call or email away to provide support and guidance when you need it.

All workshops are subject to minimum numbers. If a course is to be cancelled it will be done two clear days from the date of the workshop and participants will be advised by phone and alternative dates provided. For more information see our Cancellation Policy.

NSW Real Estate Licence Course FAQs

What is a Real Estate Licence?

A Real Estate Licence is a licence issued to a person that meets all the regulator’s requirements and allows the holder to operate as a real estate agent in the state or territory where the licence is issued.

How do I get a Real Estate Licence?

Each state/territory has different requirements in order to become a holder of a real estate licence. Generally the requirements include minimum education requirements, residency requirements and minimum character requirements. Full details of the requirements can be found on each state's licensing authority’s website.

How do I get a Real Estate Licence in NSW?

To apply for a real estate licence in NSW you must have completed the educational requirements of NSW Fair Trading, which is that you hold the qualification CPP41419 - Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice as well as meeting their other more stringent requirements, which includes meeting their requirements as to residency, character and financial history as well as having completed Class 2 work experience during that 12 months.

For more details on how to get a real estate licence in NSW, visit the NSW Fair Trading website.

Why should I get a Real Estate Licence?

If you are a Certificate of Registration holder, obtaining a Class 2 real estate licence within a 4-year period is mandatory. If you fail to do so, your Certificate of Registration will not be renewed and you will be unable to work in the real estate industry for a period of 12 months.

For more details on how to get a real estate licence in NSW, visit the NSW Fair Trading website.

As noted above all holders of a Certificate of Registration for Assistant Agent will be required to enrol and obtain a Certificate IV in Property Practice, CPP41419, and become a licensed real estate agent within four years of becoming an assistant agent. You can complete the licence course earlier if you wish but as a minimum you are required to undertake 3 units of competency a year to meet CPD requirements. Also in some jurisdictions being the holder of a licence earlier than 4 years allows for you to have a more flexible employment arrangements with the agency you work for.

Do I need a Real Estate Licence to operate my own agency?

Yes. In order to be a Licensee-in-charge of any business, including your own, you are required to hold a Class 1 Licence. To apply for a Class 1 licence you need to satisfy the following requirements: -

  • Be a holder of either one of the two qualifications CPP50307 – Diploma of Property Services (Agency Management, or CPP51119 Diploma of Property (Agency Management).
  • Satisfactorily completed the qualification CPP41419 – Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice
  • Held a Class 2 real estate agent’s licence for at least 2 years
  • Satisfactorily completed the Class 1 work experience during those two years

What is required to start the Real Estate Licence Course?

To begin a licensing training course with Think Real Estate you will need to be working in a real estate office and, depending on jurisdiction, hold a Certificate of Registration or be a recognised Agents Rep.

Is my knowledge, skill and Real Estate Industry experience taken into account?

The last thing we want to teach you is what you already know, we simply want to fill in the gaps. Via the Recognition of Prior Learning process (RPL) we are able to formally recognised your industry experience.

By documenting your skills and knowledge, and providing a portfolio of evidence you may be able to potentially minimise the time, level of assessment and costs involved in achieving your Real Estate qualification.

Once your competencies have been formally recognised by an Assessor, we will tailor make your course content based on the result of your RPL.

Click here for more information on the RPL process.

How long does the Real Estate Licence Course take?

There is no simple answer to this question, as it will largely depend on how much real estate experience you have and what recognition of prior learning you can gain based on that experience.