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NSW Compulsory & Elective CPD 2020/21 - Sales

Class 1 and Class 2 Compulsory & Elective CPD

Please Note: If you are a Certificate of Registration holder - Please do not purchase this course.

As a Class 1 or Class 2 Licence holder you are required to complete 3 hours of compulsory and 3 hours of elective CPD each year. This being one hour of each of the mandatory topics for the CPD calendar year March 23rd 2020- March 22nd 2021.

These topics include;

  • Topic 1 - 2020 Real Estate Reforms, including Trust Account requirements
  • Topic 2 - Rules of Conduct
  • Topic 3 - Risk Management – The responsibility of Agents

 Elective Topic: Understanding the Vendor’s Journey when Selling

During this course we will put you in the Vendor’s shoes – We will take you on a journey with the Vendor and give you a true insight into their emotional ride when selling a home. With this insight, you will be better prepared to complete the successful sale of their home.

We will also look at the latest changes in Real Estate legislation and how these impact you.

This course meets all of the requirements as set down by NSW Fair Trading for the completion of your Compulsory & Elective Continual Professional Development (CPD) under the new legislation requirements.

All students will be required to complete an assessment and upon successful completion will be issued with a certificate of satisfactory completion.

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