Urgent Repairs in Property Management

Brian Cannan: Andrew talk about urgent repairs.

Andrew Coulson: Within the act it defines urgent repairs as if there was a disruption to the electrical services, plumbing, sewer, hot water, any of those sorts of things as well as heating and cooling, the tenant has the right to get those done immediately. If the agent fails to do so, so the tenant needs to advise the agent of the need for an urgent repair to be done. And if the agent does not attend to those repairs, the tenant can proceed with those repairs up to the amount of $1,000.

Brian: Does windows include urgent repairs?

Andrew: If it would affect the security of the property. So if a window was broken, and that may affect the security of the property that may be considered an urgent repair, but again, we need to contact the agent and advise them and give them the opportunity to fix it.

Brian: Thank you, Andrew.