FAQs - Victoria Real Estate Licence Course

What is a Real Estate Licence?


A Real Estate Licence is a licence issued to a person that meets all the regulator’s requirements and allows the holder to operate as a real estate agent in the state or territory where the licence is issued.


How do I get a Real Estate Licence?


Each state/territory has different requirements in order to become a holder of a licence. Generally the requirements include minimum education requirements, residency requirements and minimum character requirements. Full details of the requirements can be found on each states licensing authority’s website.


How do I get a Real Estate Licence in VIC?


To apply for a real estate licence in Victoria you must have completed the education requirements of the Victorian BLA which is that you hold the qualification CPP40307 – Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate) as well as meeting their other more stringent requirements as to residency, character and financial history.  For more details visit the BLA website at



Why should I get a Real Estate Licence?


If you wish to open up and manage your own real estate office you need to be a holder of a real estate licence. Also in some jurisdictions being a holder of a licence allows for you to have more flexible employment agreements with the agency you work for.


What will a Real Estate Licence enable me to do?


To work as a real estate agent without any supervision from another licensed person.


Do I need a Real Estate Licence to operate my own agency?




What is required to start the Real Estate Licence Course?


To begin a licensing training course with Think Real Estate you will need to be working in a real estate office and depending on jurisdiction holder a Certificate of Registration or be a recognised Agents Rep.


How long does the Real Estate Licence Course take?


There is no simple answer to this question, as it will largely depend on how much real estate experience you have and what recognition of prior learning you can gain based on that experience. Our application form for the course contains a comprehensive questionnaire, which will allow us to assess what RPL (recognition of prior learning) may be available to you and then give you an idea of how long it will take to undertake the course.