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2022/23 Compulsory & Elective CPD - Class 1 & Class 2 Agents

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Category CPD Workshop
Location Zoom Conference Technology
Start Date 22 March 2023  @ 09:00 AM
Finish Date 22 March 2023  @ 03:30 PM

Compulsory & Elective CPD Workshop for Class 1 & Class 2  Agents.

As a Class 1 Licence holder you are required to complete 3 hours of compulsory, 3 hours of elective and 3 hours of business skills CPD each year (9 hours total) between 23 March, 2022 - 22 March, 2023.

As a Class 2 licence holder you are required to complete 3 hours of compulsory & 3 hours of elective CPD each year (6 hours total) between 23 March, 2022 - 22 March, 2023.

Please Note:  Class 1 licence holders must complete 3 hours of Business Skills training in addition to the above.  Please refer to our calendar for workshop dates, or opt for the online course option.

We have packaged together a 6 hour Workshop that satisfies the Compulsory & Elective CPD requirements.

The Compulsory CPD includes three topics (1 hour each) that are set out by NSW Fair Trading.

The three units for this CPD year are:

  • Topic 1B - Supervision Guidelines & Rules of Conduct
  • Topic 1D - Industry Contracts
  • Topic 2A - Underquoting

Elective Topic: Over three hours we will take an in-depth look at the latest changes in Real Estate legislation affecting Sales & Property Management, what these mean to you and how they can impact you in your role day-to-day.

All students will be required to complete an assessment and upon successful completion will be issued with a Certificate of Satisfactory completion.

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