Experienced Agent's Rep - Intensive Licence Qualification Course

Hi I'm Lisa Lagarez a Victorian business manager for Think Real Estate Training unlike other providers we specialize exclusively in real estate training and that's reflected in the quality of our course on every level.

"I'm in real estate close to 16 years and it was time to take it to the next level and get my license."

"It's something that I've wanted to do for a number of years."

"My biggest goal of all of which would be to run and own my own office one day."

"It was all about bulletproofing the business for me the more licensees that you have in a business the better."

"The course was fantastic the trainer was awesome. Not only did we have Steve the course coordinator in the room but we had 15 really experienced real estate people in the course."

"The facilities the staff everything here was fantastic."

"Plenty of group discussions throughout the process which made sure we had a full understanding what we were discussing."

"I like the fact that everyone got involved. We actually shared a lot of knowledge and gained a lot of knowledge from other participants within the course."

"I would absolutely recommend the course in fact I already have and one of my mates is in there now."

"I was referred and recommended by one of the girls in the office and most certainly be recommending it to the rest of the staff."

"I'd recommend the course highly to anyone thinking about getting involved in real estate and obtaining their real estate agents license."

If you're looking for a high quality course that our students rave about, then look no further.

"Get the edge in your marketplace."

"Take your career to the next level."

"Choose Think Real Estate!"